2024 is a year that promises to be an extraordinary chapter for Tecninox, which has always stood out for the quality and innovation of its equipment. The aim is to improve the offer, which has always been synonymous with excellence, thanks to the people who make the company a benchmark in the sector.

High-quality equipment and systems for sterile and contamination-controlled environments will see innovation as the design focus, a factor that will enable the production of technologically advanced solutions for a wide range of industrial sectors, from chemical to pharmaceutical, but above all compliant with the new Annex 1 regulations. The company’s commitment will therefore be to offer customized, but above all safe solutions.

The production of sterile products is subject to the specific requirement to minimize the risk of contamination, be it microbiological or particulate. Hence the constant updating to comply with current regulations, first and foremost the adaptation to the requirements of Annex 1.

There will be no shortage of participation in the most important trade fairs and dedicated conferences, to meet partners, share news and learn from the experiences of other market leaders. 

Controlled Change: the last chapter of a successful three-year period

Special attention will be paid to the ‘Controlled Change’ project, which has reached the end of its first three-year period. This is not just a growth strategy, but represents a commitment to drive change in the industry in a controlled and targeted manner, focused on sustainability, efficiency and innovation, to intelligently and responsibly shape the future of Tecninox.

The objective is not only to be a qualified supplier of equipment and systems for sterile and contamination-controlled environments, but also to be a strategic advisor. Listening is an integral part of the company’s way of working, understanding the specific needs of customers allows us to work in perfect harmony with them to achieve results of excellence.