Tecninox is a family-owned company
who follows
a tradition of commitment
and passion.

Tecninox was founded in 1977 as a manufacturing industry, today is one of the italian excellences in the field of equipments and plants for sterile environments and contamination control.
Undoubtedly, the added value of Tecninox is the product quality. Its experience and flexibility make it the ideal partner, able to support the Customer from the project to the production and installation with great accuracy.
Our global approach to the manufacturing process accuracy continues making the difference since 1977.
We pay always the same attention, only the technology has evolved thanks to our constant research and development.
An internal manufacturing
for your needs.
Demand for Tecninox products is strictly related to the growing needs of Companies whose production processes sould be carried out in controlled contamination environments.
This need derives from regulations clearly defined, both national and international, regarding the following areas: PHARMACEUTICAL, COSMETIC, CHEMICAL, ELECTRONIC, HOSPITAL, FOOD, AUTOMOTIVE.


for a better world.


Since 2011 Tecninox supports Barabba’s Clowns Onlus organization, Centro Salesiano of Arese.
Every Christmas we are pleased to renew our scolarships: thanks to this contribution we can offer a future to the young Rwandan, ensuring one year of school for studying or learning a profession in their own country.
We are helping Françoise and Louise to finish their studies in Musha.



We support Associazione Culturale Fare Arte since 2009.
We are one of the official sponsor of the organization, based in Caronno Pertusella, whose main aim is to promote art inside the community.